Congratulations on your engagement! We are honored to play a role in the beginning of your married life.
Marriage is the way God will make you a saint!

The marriage preparation process is designed to guide engaged couples towards a sacramental marriage celebration and provide essential tools to live out this lifelong covenant. Couples should begin this process with their home parish at least 6 months before their anticipated wedding date. The process may take from six months to a year and begins by filling out the form below and requesting a meeting with our Family Life Coordinator, Cheryl Stewart at 407-344-9607 ext 125

The Marriage Preparation Process

At St. Catherine of Siena, the marriage preparation process consists of the following:

  • A Pre-Nuptial Questionnaire (Form A) is to be completed with a priest or deacon and signed by all parties.
  • Certificate of Baptism for each Catholic party (less than six months old).
  • FOCCUS Inventory.
  • A Letter of Freedom to Marry (Form B) is to be completed by two witnesses on behalf of each engaged person (i.e. two forms for each engaged). Forms are available at the parish.
  • A Certificate of Completion from a Marriage Preparation Program.
  • Meetings with St. Catherine of Siena Clergy, Staff and Mentor Couples.
  • Death Certificate of previous spouse or Annulment Decree (if you were previously married).
  • Canonical Dispensations and Permissions (if necessary).
  • A valid Florida Marriage License.

The above information will be discussed at length at your first sacramental preparation meeting with the Marriage Coordinator. This meeting will be scheduled after your wedding application has been accepted.
Please contact Cheryl Stewart for more information about weddings, marriage preparation, annulments and convalidation.