Thank you for your interest of participating in our Faith Formation Program as a Catechist. To start please familiarize yourself with the requirements to be a Catechist, and then fill out the form below and Ms. Fernandez, Catechetical Leader of the parish program will be in touch with you shortly.

Requirements for Catechists

A Catechist as a role model of Catholic teachings and values must:

1. Be a practicing Catholic.

2. Have a good standing in the Church.

3. Participate regularly in Sunday Mass and participate as fully as possible in a sacramental life style.

4. Adhere to the Catholic Church’s teachings on morality and behavior. The Religious Education program is not a forum for personal beliefs not in conformity with these teachings.

5. Complete Diocesan requirements for catechist including completing online safe-environment, completing criminal background check through the diocese, this information can be found at

6. Continue own faith formation through participation at workshops, courses, retreats, bible studies or other avenues.

7. Work as a team with the Director of Faith Formation, co-catechists, other members of the religious education team, the pastoral staff, clergy and parents and to recognize that parents are the primary catechists of their children.

8. Be at least 18 years of age and be Confirmed. Teens are not considered catechist – only classroom helpers. Even if they can teach the class by themselves, they should not.

If you fulfill these requirements, please fill the form below, Thank you! 

Become a Catechist and Catechist Aid at St Catherine of Siena

With this form you can sign up to be a catechist and a Catechist Aid in our Faith Formation Program. Thank you for your faith and commitment to passing on the faith to the next generations.