Circle of Grace is a Christian safe environment curriculum that helps to form and educate children and youth about the value of positive relationships with God and others.

All Faith Formation students will participate in a Circle of Grace lesson during the year. The Circle of Grace is an environment in which God’s love and care are all around us. Children are taught respect of themselves and others. The age-appropriate activities and discussions help the children to recognize safe and unsafe environments and know how to bring concerns to trusted adults.

Circle of Grace -Outline of the Program

Circle of Grace – Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Circle of Grace- 2nd & 3rd Grade

Circle of Grace- 4th & 5th

Circle of Grace – 6th, 7th, 8th Grade

Circle of Grace – High School

Circle of Grace Parent Opt-Out Form

By signing this form I (We) acknowledge the above and elect NOT to have my (Our) child
participate in the aforementioned program. Please complete this form and return it to your
child’s instructor/catechist or the appropriate administrator. A separate form is required for
each child. Thank you for your assistance