Letter from our Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Just as every year, in the first week of Lent, we hear the passage of the temptations of Jesus in the desert, so every year, int second Sunday of Lent, we hear the gospel of the transfiguration of the Lord. Each year, we hear the corresponding gospel of the cycle, this year is the gospel of Luke.

The episode of the transfiguration ends with the mandate from God Himself: “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.” It becomes crucial in our journey of faith to really  listen to Jesus. Let us recall that when the scriptures speaks of listening, it includes automatically “obeying.” of course, it also means paying special attention to the words of Jesus in order to understand the deeper meaning. Our theology of this passage is reflected in the preface for this day which says: “For after he had told the disciples of his coming Death, on the holy mountain he manifested to them his glory, to show, even by the testimony of the  law and the prophets (Moses and Elijah), that the Passion leads to the glory of the Resurrection.

In other words, Jesus prepares us to understand the passion (suffering and death) through the lenses of  His Glory.  This is the perspective that guided the first martyrs of the Church in dying gladly in the midst of great sufferings, for they already had a foretaste of the eternal glory. Because Jesus, not only promises but also shows us His glory we are no longer afraid of the night or of the darkness in our lives. “He is the Light of the human race.” the Light “that shines on in darkness, and darkness has not overcome it.” (Jn 1:4-5) This week let us reflect more deeply in this reality.

In relation to the construction of our temple, our suffering had been not only the gathering of the funds, but also the waiting. And we can not wait for that glorious day of the consecration and dedication of the new church building. But, as we all know, in construction all is slow. This past week we received news that the completion of our building will take longer that expected. So we have to do a little bit more of the waiting. Now, we do not have date yet. Let us continue to pray and trust that the Lord will bring it to its completion at the right time.

Your servant in Christ,
Fr. José Bautista, JCL, Pastor