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Letter from our Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Now that the glorious seasons of Advent and
Christmas are over, I want to take the opportunity
to thank all parishioners, who contributed in any
way to make of those two seasons, such a
spiritual, memorable, and wonderful experience
for all of us. I can attest that the music ministry
worked very hard to provide music in all the
celebrations, including the nine “Aguinaldo”
masses celebrated at 5:30am, also, as always,
the arts and environment ministry did an
outstanding job! Last but not least, we thank all
the liturgical ministers, especially the sacristans
and St Therese’s guild. I am very grateful to all
who came and celebrated together as a parish
these celebrations.
I would also like to thank all the parishioners, who
showered me with Christmas cards loaded with
best wishes and prayers.
In todays gospel we celebrate the Baptism of our
Lord. The baptism of Jesus marks the
inauguration of His public ministry — His
emergence from a life of seeming obscurity into a
life of growing popularity, on account of His
preaching, miracles, healings, and proclamation
of mercy and forgiveness. Jesus steps into the
Jordan River and into His mission of redemption
through this public religious act. The descent of
the dove symbolizes the anointing of the Holy
Spirit, which Jesus receives as the Christ; Greek
for “the Anointed One.”
This mark of divine blessing is accompanied by
the voice of the Father in heaven who proclaims,
“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well
pleased” (Mt 3:17). This mysterious utterance
reveals Jesus as the Son of God, the One sent
from the Father to accomplish the salvation of
the human race.

Your servant in Christ,
Fr. José Bautista, JCL, Pastor