Dear Parents and youth of St. Catherine of Siena

It has been quite a while since we were able to share our youth Christian experiences in a free environment while learning the essence of our faith.

COVID 19 has changed our lives and our way of living but has taught us that we can’t take life for granted regardless of Pandemics or any other events that affect us as well as our families and friends.

We have also learned that, although the distancing from each other has prevented us from focusing in our personal relationships, it has strengthen our resolve to live our faith to the fullest and continue our Christian traditions and our relationship with Christ.

Fr. Jose is inviting you to join us in one of the church’s most important and holiest practices of our faith; Eucharistic Adoration. The church is offering us the opportunity to adore the most Blessed Sacrament every 4th. Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m.  Please consider this opportunity to live your faith and share a sacred moment with the Lord Jesus.

All youth who would like to register to be part of the Youth Group of the Parish, please follow this link.

or you may contact me, Rosalynn  directly by following this link.

In Christ,

Rosalynn Fernandez

Faith Formation Coordinator

Brenda, Arnaldo and Alexandra

Youth Group Coordinators