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I have been in  St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church since 1994,  in different groups,  working to help the growth of my parish like  John XXIII, Cursillistas, I coordinated one of the first groups of the Rosary and the Ministers  of Holy Communion for 9 years.

I began working at the parish office as a volunteer for many year and on April 7, 2007, I was hired as a full time employee for the glory of God until today. Since I am the employee who has been the longest at the parish, everybody called me “La vitalicia”.

My Mission

Is to enter and maintain up today all parish records into the parish data system in order to readily provide information on any given parish transaction at a given moment so that the ministry can be provided adequately to the faithful and accurate accountability of the parish resources can be produced for in house and diocesan auditing.

You can contact me by phone, email or following any of the links below according to the area you wish me to help  you with. Because among my responsibilities I take care of the parish data base, It is important to have accurate information of all our parishioners:

if you have not yet registered please follow this link,

if you are registered and need to update your information please follow this link.

If you need a report of attendance of financial contribution please follow this link.

I execute the processing of the in-pew donations of OCA by the parishioners according to diocesan norms.

If you  need help with your OCA donation please follow this link.

I  prepare and process all outgoing parish mail so that information, and communication maybe maintained opportunely and professionally with all parish stakeholders.

If you are registered and not receiving parish mail or the envelopes, follow this link.

if you are moving to another parish and wish not to receive more mailing from us, please follow this link.