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My mission:

My mission is to help our parishioners, and those contacting our parish for any reason, to fall in love and be attracted to the Church.

By providing a complete service of love, charity, and compassionate.

So that parishioners can strengthen their faith, learn from it, enjoy it, and live it

 I work for the Lord, making sure that all parishioners are cared for, respected, loved, treated with charity, efficiency, mercy, and above all, with safety.

 My work areas

Receptionist : I can help with any doubt or question that you may have, you can call me, (407-344-9607  Ext 121)  I am here to help you. I can refer you to the indicated department with the indicated personnel for your need/s. During this time of Social Distancing, visit to the Parish Reception must be by appointment only.

To request an appoint to the reception please CLICK HERE.

Ministry of the Sick : I receive parishioners’ request for visits to the sick whether at their home, nursing home, or hospital.  If the parishioner in need of the anointing of the sick can travel to the office, I can schedule a visit there at the office for this purpose.

To request a visit to the sick please CLICK HERE

Home Blessing : I also receive the request for home blessings: if anyone wishes their home to be blessed, whether it is because they have just moved into a new home or just feel a little restless in their home, they can be assigned a deacon or a priest to visit you to your home.

To request a home blessing or to send any other message to me please fill out the form below. Thank you and God Bless you!

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