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Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I am here at   St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church,  

at the service of God and of the community.

Born in Colombia, I come from a Catholic family and I have lived in the USA since 2001. I have two beautiful daughters and I love animals and nature in general. I hold a bachelor in Business Administration, also a  degree in Business Administration for tour and travel companies, and a postgraduate study of Diplomatic International Relations between States.  I worked in the tourism industry for a long time, in areas of marketing and sales, where I developed, over the years, the skills in communication and creativity to reach clients in very competitive markets.

The call of Christ: from a very young age, I felt immense love for the Virgin Mary, and she took me to the feet of Jesus. I had a very beautiful encounter with the Lord in the Charismatic renewal in the mid-90s in Colombia. Since then, my conversion and spiritual enrichment have begun through the mercy of God. Since that time I have attended many retreats, seminars, and Catholic meetings with the desire to quench this thirst and hunger for Christ. I, first came to  Saint Catherine of Siena Church in 2009, as a parishioner, then as a server in the Divine Child Jesus Ministry, at the same time  I served as a catechist for 1st-grade students,  then as a parish office volunteer collaborating with the website,  and for 2 years I coordinated the Colombian cultural group. Today, all my skills and knowledge that God has given me, I am giving back to Him through the opportunity to work for the church in this wonderful department.

My mission:

To communicate and keep informed the community of Saint Catherine of Siena, in a timely and clear way, in obedience and support to the priests in their evangelizing mission, through channels of communication such as the Sunday bulletin, my parish app, and the social networks.

If you have ideas, in the areas of social media, mass communication, bulletin editing, and such, that can serve the parish, or if you want to share your photos of your experiences in the church you can contact me by phone, email or simply you can send me a message filling out the form below. 

 If you are a coordinator or sub-coordinator of any ministry,   and you are interested in publishing an announcement, please use the field below to send me the document.

Thank you and God bless you all