Adult Confirmation Registration

If you are an adult and need to be confirmed, please fill in this form. All information here will remain confidential.
  • Preparation for The Sacrament of Confirmation

    Adult Catholics (18 years of age and out of high school).
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    please provide us with a copy of your Baptismal certificate)
  • Church name , City & State of Baptism
    Please know that you must provide the certificates for the sacraments you already have celebrated.
  • In a short paragraph give us the reason why you are seeking to be Confirmed at this time.
  • Sponsor Information

    Only one sponsor is to be chosen, sponsor cannot be the candidate's parents.
  • Sponsor must be confirmed Catholics with no canonical impediments preventing them from serving as a sponsor. We will need sacramental information for your sponsor. there is a separate sheet for sponsor information.