For Youth Confirmations

The candidate must be at least in the 10th grade of school

  Two consecutive years of Faith Formation

  Attend the Youth Ministry every Friday at 7:00 p.m. (Waved during Covid-19 social distancing policy)

  Attend Tuesday Night Sacramental Session (Sessions will be at home through

  Attend Wednesday nights Faith Formation (Session at 6:00 pm live streamed during Covid-19)

  Attend First Reconciliation Preparation (Preparation at home through Formed. org)

† Submit a Sunday Mass Attendance Report (Follow the link “FORMS” below to download the Form)

† Choose a patron Saint and write a report about the saint (Follow the link “FORMS” below to download the Form)

Choose a qualified sponsor (To know if the person qualifies, the proposed sponsor must fill the Sponsor Form. Follow the link “FORMS” below to download the Form)


† To Register a child for Confirmation Click Here.

For Adult Confirmation

† Candidate must attend the Confirmation Preparation sessions (This year the formation will be through

† To lead a life in accordance with the Catholic Faith  (For Instance, the individual cannot be in cohabitation or in civil marriage)

Fill out the registration Form click here.