Lenten Parish Mission 2019

Event details

  • Monday | March 18, 2019 to Wednesday | March 20, 2019
  • 7:00 pm
  • 2750 E Osceola Parkway Kissimmee, FL
  • 407-344-9604

Alex Gotay, “Dr. G,” is a dynamic, national teen and young adult speaker who uses his unique perspective and combines it with his passion, humor, creativity, and stories to communicate the good news in a way that connects with ALL teens, young adults, and adults! His passion for Christ, being raised in a multicultural home and his experiences in life allows him to address the culture’s many ailments from a unique perspective! He is a Husband of 19 years, father of three boys, convert to the Catholic faith, Retreat Leader, Evangelist, Missioner, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt, and works full-time as a Director of Campus Ministry and Theology Teacher at a Catholic High School.  

He holds a Doctorate in Ministry, a Master’s degree in Theological Studies, another Master’s Degree in Philosophy, graduate hours towards another Master’s Degree in Counseling, graduate hours towards a Graduate Certificate in OT Biblical Theology, and a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Child Psychology. He holds certifications in both Adult and Youth Ministry, an official Catechist for the Archdiocese, and 18+ years of experience with teens and young adults working in various Youth Ministries (both Protestant and Catholic).

All of these allow him to provide a fervent talk, retreat or event that your group will love!

Each talk is a use of humor, practical implications and challenging to grow in holiness!

Monday: “#REALTALK: Me, My Selfie and I”- Gen 1:26-27 – Image is important  to us!  This talk challenges our “image” and shows how our “Image”is to reflect the one who made us.

Tuesday: “Pressure” –  With all the “pressures” of the culture, we sometimes feel overwhelmed and frustrated.  This talk not only address these things but shows how do you find your “voice”?  This talk Daniel 3-Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were young men who knew the power of culture affecting their lives.  Young people will both laugh and be challenged with the pressures of the culture, friends they hold and how in the “fire” is where God is with us!

Wednesday: “Mama Mary/ Dear Mama, Your Strength”-    Mary has more strength than  what we see at first, this is opposite from most of the pictures we see of her.  Explore the love and strength of Mary in a way that helps all young people gain new insight to the strength of her and how she “fights” for all of us, especially her children!