For Youth Confirmations

The candidate must be at least in the 10th grade of school

  Two consecutive years of Faith Formation

  Attend the Youth Ministry every Friday at 7pm.

   Attend Tuesday Night Sacramental Session

  Attend Wed. night Faith Formation

  Attend First Reconciliation Preparation

For Adult Confirmation

† Candidate must attend the Confirmation Preparation sessions

† To lead a life in accordance with the Catholic Faith  (For Instance, the individual cannot be in cohabitation or in civil marriage)

† Fill out the following form. 

Adult Confirmation Registration

If you are an adult and need to be confirmed, please fill in this form. All information here will remain confidential.
    Please know that you must provide the certificates for the sacraments you already have celebrated.
  • In a short paragraph give us the reason why you are seeking to be Confirmed at this time.