Since 1994, St. Catherine of Siena has served the Catholic faithful in our area and  the surrounding communities.

We began as a Mission of Holy Redeemer Parish Kissimmee, FL and have quickly         grown to be a parish of nearly 3,000 registered families.

Our home on Osceola Parkway consists of our multi-purpose worship building and      our temporary parish office structure.

These facilities came into being in 1998, through the generosity of our parishioners      and the Diocese of Orlando.

We were established as a Parish on August 12, 2000.

Today, we are privileged to serve a community rich in diversity, united in faith, service and fellowship.

Our parish continues to be a focus for important events in our lives: here we baptize new members into the community of Faith; here people proclaim their life-long          commitment to each other in love; here we celebrate the gift of forgiveness; and here we give thanks for the lives of our sisters and brothers who have completed their baptismal journey to God's loving embrace.

Our Faith Formation program continues to be beacons of hope in our community. Our parish also ministers to the elderly, the sick, the poor, and all those in need of our help.

We are here to nurture a spirit of complete trust in God that allows us to joyfully share the mission entrusted to us in Baptism, by giving our Time, Talent and Treasure    for the building of God's Kingdom in our midst.